Coordinating Outfits for Family Photos

The moment you see a picture of your baby you  fall in love all over again, photographs  remind of your family and how much you have grown and changed. I love when photographs have that magical way of bringing you back into the moment! Family pictures are a great way to capture your family history throughout the years. But planning them can be an intimidating job. One of the most common questions when getting a group or family photo is, “what should we wear?” Coordinating outfits for a family picture can help organize all of the chaos, and give you the end result, good-looking family photo.

Coordinating and Matching are not the same. Try not to match your outfits exactly but coordinate everyone to make the photograph and the group feel “put together.”  When deciding on what to wear, always remember to stick with colors that work well together, make one of the color a statement color {or a statement piece}, while the other are great supporters!

Choose two colors as a neutral {I try not to mix more than 3 colors}.  A great rule of thumb for neutrals is to stick with greys, khaki, black and white. ( When wearing jeans, I like to consider the dark denim color a neutral.)

Add some color, I try to only add one or two bright colors. {You can break the rules. Using more the one color is okay. Just don’t go overboard… you don’t want your photographer to capture “chaos” among your outfits! When picking your colors here is something to remember, these bright colors will become the focal point of your pictures. With that,  I don’t suggest adding bright pops of color to an area you don’t want people to focus on! When choosing these colors, think about what your surroundings are going to be. If you’re going to be outside in a field of green grass, and accent to your dark denim and grey shirts of a yellow scarf or a bright purple scarf to bring in the colors of surrounding trees or flowers would look beautiful. Remembering the color wheel and what colors work together is important!

One of my favorite color combinations is dark denim pants with grey tops and an accent color of royal blue or mustard yellow! Sometimes both colors. The yellows work well with skin tons and the blues really help bring out eye color!_DSC0275_2_2

A few extra tips:

When choosing your bright colors for your pictures, choose them as your accessories!

I love texture, but too much texture {as with too many colors} can make the picture look messy. It’s okay to mix in some simple patterns and textures with your solids. I love the character patterns and texture bring to a picture. Don’t worry, if you stick to a color scheme with your pattern and/or textures, everything will naturally blend together.

Hopefully, this will help you eliminate some of the stress of having your family or group photo taken!

Until next time!


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