100 Mile Challenge


I recently saw another blogger write about their 100 mile challenge, so I got to thinking…. I walk every (week) day, sometimes even on the weekend– why not do the 100 mile challenge and try and complete it by July 1.

Pfft! It cant be that hard! Well, I never took into account that I walk only outside in our neighborhood and I have a dog and a stroller with me. Mother nature has not been too kind the past few weeks. It’s either raining or HOT with high humidity!

I will periodically keep you posted on my goal! Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important, so here is my one step toward a healthier self… and maybe the dog will benefit too!

I will not give up. It’s day 11 and I have 30% Complete! Bring it on Mother Nature! These legs were made for walking!

Until next time.


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