Father’s Day

Father’s day is almost here, so this is your reminder if you have not prepared yet!

This is to remind you to give a big thank you to that special man in your life. The man who is there to fix the broken stuff, mow the lawn, heal all the boo boos, “get rid” of the bugs and tuck you in at night. June 16 is the day  to give recognition to the man in your life who has taken care of you and also the one who takes care of your children! There is always something great about dedicating a day to recognize someones awesomeness!

Haven’t thought of anything to do yet?

My son and I surprised my husband with an early Father’s day, since we have other engagments schedule for June 16th. But here are some great ideas for you!

  • Spend the day at the park. Take a hike at your favorite lake, or state park and have a picnic.
  • Your guy love sports? Send dad out for a round of gulf or get tickets for a ball game!
  • Make Dad his favorite meal. Pick up some big,juicy steaks and grill out!
  • Date night or day date: Take time and enjoy a date to celebrate dad’s awesomeness. Pick his favorite movie, restaurant or activities and surprise him!

Visit Smithfield for a full list of fun things to do with dad for his big day.  As for us, we spent our day relaxing. Just hanging out and spending the day together was all we needed! We started with my hubby’s favorite breakfast and ended with his favorite dinner!

Until next time! Happy Father’s Day




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