Challenging Child

As a stay at home mom, you learn to let certain behaviors slip through…occasionally. I am a sure culprit of this! When I look back on just a few months ago, comparing my parenting styles has definitely changed. No offense to any working mom!It’s hard work being away from your kiddo(s) every day. I understand that! And when you are with them you want them to be the most well behaved child in the world. Good luck with that.

Any way, this past week I challenegd myself and my one-year old (fifteen months to be exact). We permanently switched over to sippy cups. No more bottles! Cold turkey. I’m pretty sure he thought I was going to give in. I’m pretty sure I thought I would too…. But I’m happy to announce we are over a week strong with no bottles.

:: Takes a Bow::

But please, don’t let him see a bottle in sight.  We are now throwing our bodies on the floor when we’re mad.

Lucas' first frap

Maybe I gave in a little…. He had his first “big kid” cup with no help from mom….. I regretted it. His entire seat was full of a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino

Until Next time…


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