Photographing A One Year Old….

I’ve always loved photography. I’ve even considered starting a side business taking children and family pictures. I’ll admit, It scares the crap out of me. Some days Most days I can’t get my own child to sit for a picture, how in the world am I supposed to get other families and children to listen to me!?

Challenging is a great word to describe the task of photographing young children. Frustrating and overwhelming could also describe it! So today, I am going to share a few tips and tricks to use when photographing your own children!

  1.  Don’t compare yourself to all the great looking pictures you see on Pinterest
    You’re only going to drive yourself crazy if you are always trying to pose or take a picture like you saw on Pinterest. Every child is different. Photographing a one year old can be a lot of fun. Enjoy it; kids express so many emotions in the matter  of minutes–they can  be serious, silly, laughing, crying, and playing all within seconds. They have a myriad of emotions and they wear them on their proverbial sleeve. Don’t always worry about them smiling and looking at the camera. Try and get some from all different angels of all their emotions. Let them be the little divas and drama kings that they are!


  2. Keep them in a natural environment
    Children can be very sensitive to their environment.  If you try to take them somewhere they have never been for pictures, they are going to be more curious about their new surrounds and pay less attention to the task at hand. If you’re planning a photo shooing tot, keep them in their element. Yes they are going to keep busy (walking, crawling and climbing) but they will be happier, sillier and more like them selves. I made the mistake of trying to take pictures of my than 11 month old son on the beach. He hated every minute of it. There was very little smiling and lots of screaming, crying and running the opposite direction.
  3. Learn to be a distraction
    Most children can be distracted very, very easily. Learn to make lost of weird noises that are attention catching and can distract. Learn to not be embarrassed about them too! In the end, you will have some great pictures to show for it!
  4. Get down and dirty
    Want to get some cool, edgy pictures? Get down on their level with them. Always taking pictures from straight on or above can look boring some times. Get down on the floor, like all the way on the floor– camera sitting on the floor and shoot up, or shoot straight at their feet and toys. You can create an awesome depth-of-field shooting from these angels.

    Toes and Toys

    Toes and Toys

  5. When all else fails…
    There are definitely times when my son will avoid the camera with everything he has.  Even at one, they have a mind of their own! Take this time to capture your favorite baby cuteness. There is nothing cuter than a picture of their little tush and toes crawling away. or their cute, frowning grumpy face. Embrace their emotions. If anything, you’ll have a good story to share.

I took my son to have his picture taken and it took a bubble maker, a bucket, his lovey bunny and three of us to almost keep him in the picture. I was a hot, sweaty mess when we were done, but now I have pictures that totally capture who he is right now and a funny story to share with them! 

Until Next time,



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